ONE Track Features

With a footprint size of less than a business card you could stash the One Track in assets such as laptops, vehicles, computers, couriered packages, televisions and other valuables. Customise your One Track parameters online to give you the maximum battery life. Change GPS and update time according to your needs.

Since the One Track only uses power when moving, it will last many months without the need to recharge. On detecting movement it will “wake up”, start tracking and notify you. The website is locally hosted to provide the best speed & latency. Login at any time to see where your One Track units are.

One Track Operating modes

GPS interval

The time taken between GPS points.

Update time

The time taken between server updates.

GPS sleep

Tell GPS to go to sleep once a coordinate has been obtained (will improve accuracy but decrease battery).

GSM sleep

Tell GSM engine to go to sleep between updates, no real improvment on battery life unless there is more than a 2hour spacing between updates.

Notify on wake-up

Notify as soon as the unit wakes up from sleep once movement is detected.

Notify on sleep

Notify once the unit has gone into sleep mode.

Notify on sleep

Notify once the unit has gone into sleep mode.

One Track - Fixed or portable

If your application requires the One Track to be fixed in a vehicle, the two wires may be connected to the ignition of the vehicle to permanently keep the battery charged.

Should the vehicle battery become disconnected, the Xtack will still track for over 2 weeks (depending on your operating mode settings, and stay in its’ dormant state until moved for months on end.

One Track - Locally hosted web services

One Track tracker units communicate via GSM network to local servers and do not rely on any international connectivity (Unless your One Track is roaming). Even though One Track units rely on the GSM network they do not have a SIM card that can be removed.

Below are some sample screenshot of the One Track Interface coming soon…